You know you could spend over $100 to get a qualified appointment.


An appointment where you can meet with your prospect one-on-one, learn about their needs, get a good understanding of who they are, and then start formulating the right solutions for them.


Here's another thing you probably already know: Your business is suffering during the pandemic. Client interaction is down, new prospects have all but dried up. And it could easily be like this for the rest of the year...


So, what are you going to do to kickstart your existing clients and get new, motivated prospects?


If you're reading this far, you're going to get the client & prospect re-engagement program.


We have designed a complete marketing program that will help you...

    1. drive engagement with your existing clients
    2. help you get qualified appointments with new prospects
    3. and show you how to become their trusted advisor to help them through this pandemic


And, we give you everything you need, all for $36 or less.


The program works like this:

1. BUY LICENSES. You buy small quantities of lifetime licenses for our exclusive package of 9 curated digital benefits, along with a special CODE for the quantities of licenses you purchased. These benefits are proven to help your clients or prospects and their families reduce stress and anxiety, and get immediate and ongoing financial relief from a few hundred dollars up to over $1,000 each month.


2. GIVE THEM AS A GIFT. You email the offer of the free gift of a benefits bundle to your clients and prospects—but in order for them to get the benefits, they have to schedule a video meeting with you to get the code that unlocks the benefits for them.


3. USE THE Step-Be-Step Guide. Once on the video call--you email them the Step-by-Step Guide AND include the LICENSE CODE. Now follow the directions in the Step-by-Step Guide to walk them through the registration process, and.


4. USE THE AGENT CALL SCRIPT. Follow the Agent Call Script that shows you how to use these 9 benefits to learn what your clients & prospects are going through, and how you can use the benefits to not only help them, but at the same time help you become their trusted advisor. Then, ask them if they have any friends, colleagues, or family members that would benefit from getting the gift of these benefits, too?


Drive your business through the pandemic. Build relationships that will last. Start today.


To learn more about each of the 9 benefits, click here.