Getting Started

If you’re ready to get started with the client & prospect re-engagement program, let’s take you through the evaluation & research you’ve done so far:

I watched the 2 minute overview video from Insurance WebX’s benefits expert


What follows is a step-by-step process for you to succeed with the client & prospect re-engagement program:

1.     Evaluate your client list, and your top prospects lists. Which of these make sense for you to invest time and money in? Which will provide the greatest return on investment? How many do you want to offer the gift to? Who was ready to buy something from you when the pandemic hit?

2.     Buy license packs. The more licenses you purchase, the lower the cost per meeting. Or, you can start small and evaluate its effectiveness and build from there. Once purchased, you will get the LICENSE CODES for the quantity of licenses purchased.

a.     10 License Pack is $36/client or prospect meeting, total of $360.

b.     20 License Pack is $33/client or prospect meeting, total of $660.

c.     30 License Pack is $32/client or prospect meeting, total of $960.

d.     50 License Pack is $30.40/client or prospect meeting, total of $1,520.

e.     100 License Pack is $29.04/ client or prospect meeting, total of $2,904.

3.     Get prepared. Familiarize yourself with the Step-by-Step Guide & the Agent Call Script.

4.     Send an email or call/leave a voicemail with your target clients/prospects, making sure it includes the following:

a.     A short but warm greeting.

        I know this is a tough season, trust you and your family are well…

        This may not be right for you, but I was thinking about you and your family and thought this would       be the perfect gift...

b.     Multiple hooks.

                                               i.    This may not be for you but (this phrase has shown a 39% increased success rate)

                                             ii.     I’ve purchased access to a bundle of essential benefits that you can use to reduce your household’s monthly costs by as much as $1,000 or more.

                                            iii.     I want to give them to you as a gift for being a client. 

                                            iv.     I have a limited quantity and I'm giving them out on a first come first served basis

                                              v.    They consist of digital benefits, accessible immediately, but require a special access code

                                            vi.     Click here to access my online calendar and schedule a video call so I can get you registered. (If you’re not using Calendly, sign up for the free version by clicking here and connect this online app to your online Google, Outlook, or Apple calendar.)

                                           vii.     The gift includes 7 benefits that reduce expenses and your cost of living, 1 benefit that pays you to exercise(up to $300 per month!), and 1 mobile app that helps you and family members learn the skills required to reduce stress and anxiety.

                                         viii.     You will get instant access to these benefits before the meeting ends

                                            ix.     They include LIFEIME ACCESS, yours to keep forever.

5.     The Video Call. Once the call starts, immediately send them an email to include the LICENSE CODE and attach the Step-By-Step Guide—you will both be using the Guide to...

a.     STEP 1: Explain each of the benefits—this is key! While discussing each benefit you will get valuable information from them about current issues and pain points. Do not turn this into a sales call!! No high pressure tactics—remember you’re giving them a gift to assist during the pandemic. We suggest you use this as a reason to schedule a follow up meeting. Use the information you gather during the 1st step of the meeting to deepen your dialog with them and to learn about what their potential insurance and financial planning needs might be. And best of all? The savings they’ll get from using the benefits can be used to pay for future programs and products you will sell to them.

b.     STEP 2: Walk them through the registration process. Have them go to the website, enter the LICENSE CODE, complete the registration form process.

c.     STEP 3: Then wait until they receive the WELCOME email that includes their login link, username and their password.

d.     We recommend you stay on the call until they are logged in and can see all of their benefits… then have them click on the LOWER YOUR BILLS link ACCESS and that they have immediate access to all of the benefits.

6.     The Close. Before the end of the call, ask:

a.     You can see why others are saving and earning up to $1,000 and more every month?

b.     Do you have any friends, colleagues, or family members that would benefit from getting access to these benefits, too?

We can’t wait to see how big the client & prospect re-engagement program will grow your business. Get started now!

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