What is the virtual email script?

The virtual email script for agents & advisors is a quick email template you can quickly customize and send to your clients, because nobody needs to spend more time writing emails...

When do I send this to my clients?

This is the first thing your clients should see from you, because it's a great way to reintroduce yourself, and position your services as being able to offer immediate help in these difficult times.

What is the step-by-step guide?

The step-by-step guide walks your clients & prospects through their new benefits, going into detail on the features of each program, as well as showing them how to activate their subscription and access their programs.

When do I send this document to my clients?

Here's the process:

    1. You buy your licenses and recieve your benefit access codes

    2. Your client or prospect schedules a meeting with you

    3. Then, when the meeting starts, you email your client the step-by-step guide, along with one benefit access code. 

    4. Walk your client or prosepct, step-by-step, through the document, until they have gained access to their benefits gift